After a long journey as an illustrator, I decided it's time to set up a website.  Yes, about time, finally.  That way you could easily find my works, while at the same time...learn why I love doing this. 

      Drawing. Sketching. Lettering. Scribbling. Doodling. 

Such actions are my favorite form of meditation.  Art therapy in a sense, yes. 

So, with this blog being the extension of the website, I will share about things I like, things I learned, things I want to show (i.e. tutorials), and lastly, my personal and professional works. 

With all that said, I so look forward to engaging with you all here. 

Onward and upward with the arts! 


A doodle I did recently -- it's my way of saying yes to doing certain things I've been putting off... Also to things I'm scared shitless of doing...such as publicizing this website.