The Reveal of the BIG Project...

Some of you may remember a mention I made about creating a personal project -- via Instagram and Facebook... Well, I've decided to make this public so I could make myself accountable to getting this project off the ground...

So here's the juice: 

I'm beyond elated (yet wholly anxious!) to announce that I recently started a new project and it's going to be hefty big, possibly requiring few years to completion. It'll come in a form of a memoir along with a lot of boxes to fill in -- with my drawings. Yes, a graphic novel. What struck inspiration inside me is Allison Bechdel's "Fun House: A Family Tragicomic." I recently read it and loved it! I admire Alison Bechdel's courage of sharing difficult things and she shows me that humor can help ease hard, gritty things -- and that is by creating a comic novel. 

Stemming from a certain tone from the aforementioned book, I hope to cover and address various issues (not often discussed out there) I've faced and witnessed throughout my life: family tragedies, mental health, sexuality, being Deaf, and few more things that'll bind all the stories together. I know this journey as an artist won't be easy as I know I -- eventually -- will have to deal with some underlying issues and I know doing this will help with my healing process. 

Instead of waiting to see more representation of Deaf queer in graphic novel literature, I've decided to jump onto the wagon by creating one so that my peers could see themselves through this medium. Not just that, with my background in mental health, personally and professionally (yes, I hold a Masters in Mental Health Counseling), I want to open a conversation about this issue as I notice it's often hushed about in our daily talks in person and through social media. I even find myself feeling ashamed and uncomfortable whenever I discuss about it -- despite my professional background. So maybe doing this will help lessen the discomfortable feelings we have about mental health. While addressing mental health and other sensitive issues, I trust that humor can lighten up the darkness and heaviness of issues we deal with...hence the reason of starting this project. 

I look forward to sharing my process with you. I will document the process from time to time, letting you all in on the process... Knowing there's a long, laborious road ahead, I could use some encouragement and with you tapping on my shoulder, asking how it's going -- that'll keep me going. Thank you in advance. 

Here's a snapshot of the first "scratch" I made for the novel.