New Year, New Everything...

The year 2018 has just ushered its way in...

Bye 2017. 

What a year it has been. It's the year when I made several hurdles such as establishing this website and partnering with Route 66 for the tee shirt projects. Despite the accomplishments I made, big or small, I had to make some sacrifices. I had been freelancing full-time until I secured a full-time job which provides stability that I desperately need. Yet with the new job, I still encounter wonderful opportunities of creating art. I'm forever grateful for any opportunities that come my way. 

Though I have been doing this for several years now, I still feel like an awkward teenager when it comes to managing my business. The technical part of business, sort of. It feels as if I've been swimming in a pool of tar, feeling sluggish and stuck at times. Dealing with such feelings often wipe me out that I've decided that this year I will make some investments by taking a class that'll help me master Adobe Illustrator and possibly seek some help from a deaf-friendly business consultation agency. Looking forward to experiencing some growing spurts (and umm, yes, pains) in this area of my life. 

Yes, I mentioned last year that I will be creating a graphic memoir.  I've been processing a lot (maybe overthinking, ha) about how to start creating it.  I've sought some advice from some pros and one suggested that I start a webcomic -- to help with the structure of the novel itself. Yet I'm still wrestling with some certain topics -- whether to address them or not -- based on my raw experiences. There are some things I think would be worth sharing with the public, while at the same time, I need to be 100% sure and ready about sharing them. That's where I am at this point with the graphic novel project. 

Lastly, I look forward to see what unfolds this year. Bring it on, 2018! ;) 

Throwback Thursday: The 1984 me with a coloring sheet. 

Throwback Thursday: The 1984 me with a coloring sheet.