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About Jena

Jena is a self-taught artist. She continued to create and polish her artistic skills throughout school, college, and non-profit work which led to her very destiny: diving right into the freelance illustration world. Having lived in several big cities gave Jena a clearer sense of how unlimited art can really go! She now lives in the Pacific Northwest where evergreen trees and art make love in the dewy forest. With that said, she’s a huge believer in versatility -- artistically speaking. 

Jena craves for lots of lines and geometrical patterns in her artwork. They’re just aesthetically pleasing to her eyes. The secret is...creating lines repetitively soothes her nerves and has always been so meditative for her. Ink is her biggest love. Dipping brushes in various paint colors is her playground! She gets to combine the child-like playfulness within herself with her adult-like seriousness. These are her ingredients that make up a perfect recipe for endless creativity. 

After hosting her first solo art exhibit, publishing two e-books, and creating several commissioned works such as logo design, mug design, canvas paintings, and posters, and running my Etsy shop, Jena is tickled teal to make this the hub of her art, making her works and services more accessible to you -- near and far! 

With some experience under Jena’s creative belt, one of her favorite things to do is custom work. Tell her your idea and let's work together! 

Just a tiny declaration here: this site is powered by Jena’s consumption of kale!